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Why choose DCS ECOTECH GTS advanced dust removal systems

October 7, 2019


In the industrial production cycles the presence of dust is common as a side effect of the production process. Industrial, joinery, mechanical, etc., are just some of the examples of activities known for releasing particles into the interior and exterior that inevitably pollute and worsen the quality of the air.

The Ecotech GTS “Dust Collector Systems” de-dusting systems, integrated by the electronics of management, control, operation monitoring and atmospheric emissions, help to efficiently and efficiently improve the performance of the air filtration systems deriving from the various industrial processes.

Accurate, controlled and monitored management of the air filtration systems with high-tech and innovative DCS Ecotech GTS dedusting systems, is an optimal condition to operate in a safe, environmentally sustainable production system and in full compliance with the protection and protection of the environment.

For this Ecotech GTS “Green Technologies & Safety” designs and produces “Tailor made” DCS dedusting systems of the latest generation and with low environmental impact, suitable for a wide range of sectors, including

  • Steel
  • Concrete
  • Recycling of raw materials
  • Thermoelectric power plants
  • Waste disposal (waste-to-energy plants),
  • Pharmaceutical chemical
  • Agriculture
  • Powder coating plants


and able to ensure high standards of quality and reliability over time.

The quality and performance that today place the DCS Ecotech GTS dedusting systems at the top of the sector, are guaranteed by the presence of innovative and high-tech components. The exclusive and advanced DCS Ecotech GTS integrated dedusting systems allow perfect operation logic and plant dialogue between PED certified tanks, equipped with an electrical panel with management, control and monitoring electronics, and the latest generation dedusting valves. SMC brand. Thanks to these distinctive technologies in terms of quality, innovation, effectiveness and efficiency, the advanced DCS Ecotech GTS systems guarantee a high operating life of the dedusting system on industrial filtering units (over 10 million cycles) with a consequent drastic reduction of interventions and costs maintenance, high peak pressure (+ 15%) and flow rate (+ 40%) which guarantees a greater cleaning capacity for the same pressure, lower air consumption (-35%) with consequent and important impact of cost savings exercise.


The dedusting systems are 100% tested and comply with the PED 2014/68 / EU directive.


We are at your complete disposal to configure, according to your specific technical, application and system requirements, the most advanced, effective and efficient DCS Ecotech dust collection system in the sector.

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