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Returns Management

Return management procedure

In order to be ever closer to the needs and expectations of our customers and partners, and work daily to improve and increase the relationship of trust that unites us, we have introduced the procedure for managing returns of any faulty or defective products. With this instruction it is our goal to guarantee a personalized after-sales service aimed at continuous improvement both in effectiveness and efficiency.

Returns management operating instructions

To be able to reserve and guarantee a personalized service of quality, timeliness and effectiveness in the responses reserved to customers on the operations of any products returned for analysis and checks, we ask you to fill in the online form “request for return authorization” before sending the product. This simple operation will allow us to analyse promptly and in advance all the useful information for a quick resolution of the problem.


Before undertaking any type of action, it is essential to receive official communication from EcotechGTS that issues the approval and authorization to proceed with the return of the material reported as non-compliant.

Once the online request has been formalized, a return authorization code will be sent to the e-mail address entered in the online form, which must be highlighted on the delivery note used for the shipment.

Products sent to EcotechGTS without a return authorization number will not be considered and therefore automatically rejected.



The material must always travel in “carriage free” with destination EcotechGTS logistics centre at the following address: Via del Plan del Sant 24, Frazione Mollaro, 38012 Predaia (TN).

Shipments made with transport other than “carriage free” will not be accepted.

Use original packaging, complete with accessories, manuals and any documentation. Inside the package insert a copy of the confirmation of return authorization received from EcotechGTS via e-mail.




Upon receipt of the material, our technical staff will carry out all the necessary checks to ascertain any anomalies / failures reported in the online form and will take care to send via email, with the utmost care and timeliness, the outcome of the investigations carried out and encountered.

The test report issued by the technical managers of the sector will highlight any solutions to be undertaken, i.e whether to proceed with the repair, replacement under warranty, return, etc.



If our technical staff does not spot the anomalies or malfunctions reported in the request for authorization to return highlighted on the online form, also valid for products under warranty, € 50.00 will be invoiced to cover the management costs.

For any need or information, contact our offices at the following addresses.

Tel. +39 0463 461049 Mail info@ecotechgts.com

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    Qualified personnel

    Our company reality is expressed by technicians and specialized operators involved in a process of updating and continuous improvement.


    Ability to adapt the priority organization and production process to the needs of the customer both in the customization of the product and in their required quantities.

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    The high standards of reliability and quality achieved in the air filtration and purification sector, in over 40 years of activity, allow us to face future challenges with determination and serenity.


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