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Nervate ECOGTS explosion-proof panels

Atex , Explosion protection

Nervate ECOGTS explosion-proof panels

Non-resealable venting device which opens at the breaking pressure leaving the vent area completely free. The opening takes place due to the breaking of the notches and the relative "extraction" of the panel from the seal. The plastic hinge guarantees the retention of the open panel without any projection of parts of the panel or any subframe.

Application and use

This type of safety device is intended to protect against possible explosions caused by a sudden increase in pressure of devices containing potentially explosive air / dust or air / gas mixtures such as silos, separator filters, elevators, sieves, mixers, tanks, channels and piping, dust collectors, dryers, etc. All rupture panels are safety devices and have been certified in accordance with the UNI EN 14797: 2007 standard.

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