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GTPA series anti-explosion panels

Atex , Explosion protection

GTPA series anti-explosion panels

The pre-determined breaking explosion-proof panels certified according to the EN 14797 standard are safety devices against overpressure in the equipment for storing or transporting flammable materials. The explosion-proof panels are the solution to avoid damage to people and things with the explosion of an explosion in charged environments containing dust, liquids or mists that generate gas during the manufacturing process. They are non-reusable safety devices and do not release fragmentation of their structure in the event of an explosion in order to avoid direct damage to people and things. With burst overpressure, the panels open at the predetermined points and allow the pressure to exit through the open panel surface. The series of PA panels, built in AISI 316L, is developed in various models that can be used in environments with pressure or depression with the use of the internal steel support grid. An external flange ensures correct locking of the panel itself to the structure where it is fixed and an internal seal eliminates the escape of air into the environment through the predetermined cuts in the panel.

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