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Stainless steel division

Passion and innovation

Passion and innovation

Joint venture with a company specialized in the design and production of products in stainless steel for the food, dust removal, air and steam heat exchangers applciation. With a high technological content and a reference point in the Italian and international market due to the high-quality standard of its projects and achievements. Determination, passion and strong team spirit contribute to the constant raising of the production level, through the use of the best technologies and the most sought-after materials.

Look to the future

The high professionalism and specialization of the personnel guarantees an excellent work performance in terms of quality, speed and flexibility. Each project, from the development of the general design to the realization of the details, is followed by responding punctually to the specific technical and economic needs of the customer. Bringing the quality and excellence of Made in Italy throughout the world is the daily challenge to make known, even to the most distant customers, the quality and design of our products. Looking ahead to new markets and increasingly sustainable production models: this is our philosophy and our commitment.

Productive unit

The company operates on a production area of 1,000 square meters, has 80 square meters of offices and relies on the collaboration of a dozen specialized operators.

Our success

Structured and competitive reality with its own products on the Italian and international territory for more than 20 years, whose technical and organizational competence is able to support the customer on all his requests and needs, from the study of the project to the execution of the operates and offers high customization solutions. It can satisfy any application and production requirement in a very short time. Thanks to the principles of Lean Production, which optimize internal resources and reduce waste, we guarantee a service and production flexibility that allows us to supply a wide variety of processes in single pieces or in large quantities.

Attention to detail

Stainless steel is a material much appreciated in architecture for its physical characteristics (weldability, deformability) and aesthetics. The surface finishes are decorations that are imparted on the surface of stainless steel through a series of thermal, electrochemical and mechanical processes. Our organization and experience are focused on always ensuring optimal and accurate finishing levels, able to meet the highest technical and quality standards required, in the knowledge that the details make the difference.

Productive unit

The company operates on a production area of 1,000 square meters, has 80 square meters of offices and relies on the collaboration of a dozen specialized operators.

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Trust as a constant experience of competence, integrity, honesty, transparency, commitment, determination and familiarity.

Qualified personnel

Our company reality is expressed by technicians and specialized operators involved in a process of updating and continuous improvement.


Ability to adapt the priority organization and production process to the needs of the customer both in the customization of the product and in their required quantities.

High quality standards

The high standards of reliability and quality achieved in the air filtration and purification sector, in over 40 years of activity, allow us to face future challenges with determination and serenity.


Ecotech GTS never loses sight of the "Tailor Made" philosophy, meeting the needs and demands of customers in a proactive and collaborative manner.