Being always up to date at work is essential to remaining competitive and prepared in your professional activities. This is why it is important for Ecotech GTS to invest in the continuous training of its collaborators.

Our Fabiana, Finance & Administrative Assistant of Ecotech GTS, is participating in the Confindustria Trento course, as part of the national training program "Small businesses, big choices", a program created by the Bank of Italy, which aims to spread the financial culture in small businesses. This type of training is valuable because:

  • In a rapidly evolving economic world, understanding financial aspects is essential to maintaining competitiveness in the market. With a better understanding of finances, small businesses like Ecotech GTS can make more informed and strategic decisions.
  • An in-depth knowledge of finances allows Ecotech GTS to better manage its financial resources, optimizing investments and reducing the risks of financial exposure.
  • Attending training courses like this not only provides practical knowledge, but can also contribute to participants' personal and professional development, boosting their confidence and career prospects.

In conclusion, the training course in which Fabiana participates offers a valuable opportunity to improve her understanding of business finances, thus contributing to the long-term success of Ecotech GTS and her personal professional development.