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Discover the DCS Ecotech GTS dedusting systems

October 21, 2019


The DCS ECOTECH GTS integrated dedusting systems, used by specialized companies operating in the field of air filtration and purification from pollutants coming from various industrial processes, are entirely produced with certified materials and components that allow to obtain high standards of reliability, efficacy and efficiency.

The technical characteristics that make these systems complete and market leaders are ensured by the smart integration of all Ecotech GTS electrical and electronic components and accessories and this is why high performance management, control and monitoring of industrial plants are achieved.

ECOTECH GTS offers its customers over 40 years of experience in the design and production of electrical management and control panels. This way, electrical panels with Ecotech GTS smart electronics can be made on board and customized according to specific technical, application and “Tailor-Made” plant requirements.

The advanced DCS Ecotech GTS systems can be supplied, in addition to the electrical panel complete with management electronics and smart control, with the following safety and control devices.


Pressure regulator filter

It offers better visibility and greater environmental resistance, facilitates the replacement of the filter element and reduces space for maintenance.

Security valves

Safety valves designed to protect the system on which they are installed from overpressures caused by malfunctions of other components. They can be used for air, refrigerants and inert gases of group 2.

Precision digital pressure switch ISE20 pressure switch – GTS ISE80 pressure switch – GTS.

Ecotech GTS offers: the ISE20 model with 3 views display and analog or digital output and the ISE80 models with two-color display, analogue output and IP65 protection degree.


Digital flow switch for high flow rates

It optimizes the discharge and resistance to foreign bodies, reduces the pressure drop by 75% and guarantees a maximum flow rate of 12000 l / min.

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Trust as a constant experience of competence, integrity, honesty, transparency, commitment, determination and familiarity.

Qualified personnel

Our company reality is expressed by technicians and specialized operators involved in a process of updating and continuous improvement.


Ability to adapt the priority organization and production process to the needs of the customer both in the customization of the product and in their required quantities.

High quality standards

The high standards of reliability and quality achieved in the air filtration and purification sector, in over 40 years of activity, allow us to face future challenges with determination and serenity.


Ecotech GTS never loses sight of the "Tailor Made" philosophy, meeting the needs and demands of customers in a proactive and collaborative manner.