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Professionalism, quality and service in winning solutions against the time


Our company

We design, produce and market technical systems and components for specialized companies operating in the sectors of safety, protection and protection of the environment.

Be protagonists in satisfying the needs of the market with products and services with high technical and qualitative content.

Participate in increasing the quality of life by giving special attention, resources and energy to innovation and continuous products and services improvement.

Constant commitment in the study of innovative and avant-garde applications, combined with the daily desire to always look forward to anticipate market demands, allows us to satisfy every needs with promptness, quality and professionalism, in order to achieve efficiency and eco-sustainability.


It is a precise business philosophy that influences all the choices. Everything in the company is the result of the cooperation between experience and talent, sharing new ideas, giving space to young engineers and collaborators. In an ever-changing economic environment, rather than using our resources on what could change, we prefer to focus on what will not change:

• our customers' need to have a technology that improves reliably, in terms of performance and safety.

• our customers' need to find a reliable partner, always present over time, for their products and processes.

We are aware that the entrepreneur manages a certain level of process risk, and therefore we must always be supportive with our products and our support.


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People are the key resource of the entire organization. Team work is essential for the realization and development of our mission.


The products and services offered best represent the quality of our work and are the main element of the brand identity. They are - and will always be - our best business card. To meet the needs of our customers we work with an eye to continuous improvement to offer them increasingly innovative solutions, products and services with high technical and quality content.


A successful company lives in complete harmony with the society and the environment in which it operates. For this reason, our company has always included social responsibility among its fundamental values. In this context, it considers safety issues and the environmental impact of products, as well as production and organizational processes, to be a priority.

The customer is the center of all our activities

In our work we always keep the customer in mind by offering better solutions, products and services than our competitors.


The quality of the products and services offered has absolute priority, as it is an essential prerogative of customer satisfaction. The satisfaction rating measures the performance of our company competitiveness.


In our work we cannot in any way fail to respect the laws, culture, society and environment of every country in which we operate. Our action is transparent, unassailable and in harmony with the values of our company.

Integration with customers and suppliers

We want to act to promote partnerships with our customers and our suppliers, necessary to guarantee the best level of satisfaction. Customized content and experiences are the starting points. Being accurate, reliable and providing the promised service, and at the same time building a relationship based on trust, is crucial to creating a solid and long-lasting relationship.

Business goals

To contribute all together to the achievement of the company goals, in our work we always pay the utmost attention to the results and do not fail in the responsibilities entrusted to us. We are aware that to support our company in daily competitive challenges it is necessary to have the intelligence and the ability to change, to be flexible towards innovation and to integrate ourselves into the client-supplier logic.

Continuous improvement is the key to our success

Excellence is the fundamental element that distinguishes the achievement of success in its specific field of competence and professionalism. We are committed to achieving this by continuously improving the costs and timing of our products and services, paying particular attention to every detail to increase and improve the overall quality compared to our competitors.


"Supporters and promoters in educating for sustainable development to protect the environment and mend the relationship between man and nature"

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Trust as a constant experience of competence, integrity, honesty, transparency, commitment, determination and familiarity.

Qualified personnel

Our company reality is expressed by technicians and specialized operators involved in a process of updating and continuous improvement.


Ability to adapt the priority organization and production process to the needs of the customer both in the customization of the product and in their required quantities.

High quality standards

The high standards of reliability and quality achieved in the air filtration and purification sector, in over 40 years of activity, allow us to face future challenges with determination and serenity.


Ecotech GTS never loses sight of the "Tailor Made" philosophy, meeting the needs and demands of customers in a proactive and collaborative manner.